Types of network attacks

A sniffer placed on any backbone device, inter-network link or network aggregation point will therefore be able to monitor a whole lot of traffic. There was a case in Russia with a gas supplier known as Gazprom, they lost control of their central switchboard which routes gas flow, after an inside operator and Trojan horse program bypassed security.

The Bank Job This real-life story of social engineering owes its success to holes—some figurative, and some big enough to walk through. Little security can be offered when dealing with these devices, enabling many hackers or cyberterrorists to seek out systematic vulnerabilities.

This means your access rights to a computer and network resources are determined by your user name and your password. What this means is that cyber criminals now have new ways to wreak havoc on your network infrastructure.

A list of wireless network attacks

You can even send web traffic through a VPN. Consumption of computational resources, such as band width, disk space or CPU time. Unusually slow network performance. The ability of an eavesdropper to monitor the network is generally the biggest security problem that administrators face in an enterprise.

The whole idea on these cyber-attacks is to cut people off from one another, to disrupt communication, and by doing so, to impede critical information being sent and received. Essentially, there are massive lists of already cracked passwords, words from the dictionary, default credentials, and common password variations available on the internet.

Common Types of Network Attacks

The attacker gains the ability to bypass normal access controls. Banking details, passwords and emails from your boss all in the clear.

After an attacker obtains a key, that key is referred to as a compromised key. Make sure WPS is turned off. The main purpose behind social engineering is to place the human element in the network-breaching loop and use it as a weapon.

Using a sniffer, an attacker can do any of the following: Even though security best practices universally recommend that you have unique passwords for all your applications and websites, many people still reuse their passwords—a fact attackers rely on.

If you have a weak password, I can perform a brute force attack with a password file. One of the few examples of how this could benefit someone is through a business jamming their competitors WiFi signal. Solutions tend to check for the presence of running processes and log files, which sniffer programs consume a lot of.

Unavailability of a particular web site. Sending e-mail messages that have attachments with character file names to Netscape and Microsoft mail programs.

Transportation[ edit ] Transportation infrastructure mirrors telecommunication facilities; by impeding transportation for individuals in a city or region, the economy will slightly degrade over time.

Keep your system up to date with the latest patches, and make sure any online applications you use are updated as well.

It is less likely that an attack would target or compromise the traditional telephony network of SS7 switches, or an attempted attack on physical devices such as microwave stations or satellite facilities. However, this is another annoyance for them to deal with.

Yet it is still the easiest way to get dumps of entire databases of information. The hacker now has a legitimate user name and password to work with. Social Engineering Social engineering is the use of persuasion or deception to gain access to information systems. This leaves the server with a dead connection, reserved for a client that will never respond.

Control systems, energy resources, finance, telecommunications, transportation, and water facilities are seen as critical infrastructure targets during conflict. War driving is basically people driving around looking for vulnerable APs to attack.

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Look for sudden protocol changes in browser bar. In a phishing attack, an attacker may send you an email that appears to be from someone you trust, like your boss or a company you do business with.

An organization's bank accounts can then be accessed via the information they have stolen using the keyloggers. An attacker can do any of the following after gaining access to your network: We had some problems with security today, so we have changed your password.

If the source addresses that are known to be reachable via that interface. Carrying methods will be impacted, making it hard for cargo to be sent from one place to another. A reconnaissance attack, as the name implies, is the efforts of an unauthorized user to gain as much information about the network as possible before launching other more serious types of attacks.

Quite often, the reconnaissance attack is implemented by using readily available information. Wireless attacks and its types. Wireless attacks have become a very common security issue when it comes to networks. This is because such attacks can really get a lot of information that is being sent across a network and use it to commit some crimes in other networks.

Top 7 types of network attacks Denial of service attacks – 37% A denial of service (DOS) attack attempts to make a resource, such as a web server, unavailable to users.

Network Attack Types There are 2 types of attacks in general, either they are passive, meaning information is being screened and monitored ; other attacks are active, which means that the information is altered with the intent to modify or destroy the data or the network itself. These attacks attempt to penetrate a network by using wireless or evading WLAN access control measures, like AP MAC filters and X port access controls.

Common Types of Cybersecurity Attacks

Type of Attack Description. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.

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Cyberattack Types of network attacks
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