Tetrapack pontero milk

Tetra Pak has analyzed the market not just from general point of view, but especially from the point of view of Pontero. If Pontero started an adds in TV against the.

Particularly the full fat milk segment gets smaller, because of the decreasing number of children. Tetra Pak offers different strategies for specific milk products. These are as follow: Skim milk powder is the most common type and has a maximum shelf life of about 3 years.

It works for different major clients and proposes them solutions according to market trends and indicators. Milk powder also offers reduced transportation and storage costs, compared to liquid milk.

As a part of its consumer behavior analysis, needs, wants and preferences of consumers regarding marketing mix are analyzed and The company follows different steps to propose solutions to its clients in the Italian Milk Market.

As exam- ple the important segment for full fat milk are the families with children. In this analysis, it evaluates different factors like social, technological, economical, cultural, legal and political.

What are the important features of the Italian milk market. For dairies, milk powder is a clever use for surplus milk while providing an energy efficient way to export dairy products to countries with a shortage. Milk powder, or powdered milk, can be either skim milk powder or whole milk powder.

Milk powder – for energy-efficient transports

The Challenge of Intimacy with a Key Customer, The company Tetra Pak Italy uses a key account management structure to support a closer working relationship with the strategic customers. Whole milk powder has a maximum shelf life of about 6 months, lower because the fat in the powder oxidizes during storage, with a consequent gradual deterioration in taste.

This is often desirable in regions with extreme temperatures or poor infrastructure. The bread will then remain fresh for a longer period of time. Pontero would like to stay by natural quality of milk without any addi- tional ingredients.

The market shares for the semi-skimmed milk and the newcomer enriched milk were growing in contrast to the full fat milk.

Tetra Pak's Strategy and Pontero

Why did Pontero reject it. According to the identified information, it proposes solutions to its clients in Italian milk market. Tetra Pak’s proposed solution: enriched milk product category - launch a new premium-priced milk with added vitamins and minerals Pontero’s reaction: brand positioning of “natural quality” Tetra Pak had a special relationship with Pontero - “one of our most important customers”.

1. What is Tetra-Pak's strategy for clients in the Italian milk market? 2.

Tetra Pak CSI

Discuss Tetra-Pak's proposed solution for enriched milk. Why did Pontero reject it? 3. What should Tetra-Pak propose next to Pontero?

“Organic” milk—produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic hormones, or antibiotics—has been around for a while. But Horizon Organic of Boulder, CO, claims it’s the first to launch an organic flavored milk in a single-serve format: the Tetra Prisma aseptic carton from Tetra Pak (Vernon Hills, IL).

Tetra Pak's Strategy and Pontero

This is the reason why aseptically packaged milk and milk products have better nutritive value than other forms of bottled milk. MYTH#3. Tetra pak milk needs boiling: Boiling of tetra pak milk is an unnecessary step that causes loss of many B complex vitamins plus leads to wastage of time and resources.

Pontero has always trusted Tetra Pak, thus establishing a mutually beneficial alliance Pontero has looked at Tetra Pack as its mentor in re-establishing its market share Tetra Pack benefits from Pontero and vice-versa.

Additionally, Tetra Pak seemed to be having problems their biggest customer in Italy, Pontero. Though Pontero was the largest milk producer in Italy, their market position was in decline.

This was largely attributed to the growth in the 'enriched milk' segment while the overall milk consumption was reducing.

Tetrapack pontero milk
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