Google censorship in china

China has hundreds of millions of internet users and a thriving online shopping market, making it impossible for US tech companies to ignore. The Hacker Quarterly has compiled a list of words that are restricted by Google Instant.

Google Employees Protest China Censorship Plans

Prior tothe company had operated a Chinese language version of its search engine. It currently offers just a few services in the country — Google Translate, a file organizing program and a new AI game.

The company also will provide local search results and a special edition of its news service that will be confined to government-sanctioned media. August 2,3: Google first began offering a Chinese-language version of its search engine back in It announced that the service had been targeted by attacks aimed at hacking the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights defenders and their supporters around the world.

Last week, PEN America sent a detailed letter to Google executives spelling out specific human rights issues and subjects that, per Chinese censorship rules, would be treated repressively and deceptively by any information platform operating in the country. Right now we don't," reads a copy of the letter posted on the website of The Times.

Journalist Isaac Stone Fish recently argued that if Facebook wishes to succeed, it only has two choices: To obtain the Chinese license, Google agreed to omit Web content that the country's government finds objectionable.

What'll happen when they search a banned term on this Google app.

Google must not capitulate to China’s censorship demands

However, in practice that has been a tricky balance between Google's desire to spread information around the world and the Chinese government's desire to limit the amount of information available on sensitive topics, such as the Tiananmen Square massacre in Google's decision rankled Reporters Without Borders, a media watchdog group that has sharply criticized Internet companies including Yahoo and Microsoft Corp.

The finale would be the launch of the search app — the Dragonfly project. Google is not the only U. According to NARAL, people using Google to search for "abortion clinics" got ads advertising crisis pregnancy centers that were in fact anti-abortion.

According to Inquisition 21, Google was acting "in support of a campaign by law enforcement agencies in the US and UK to suppress emerging information about their involvement in major malpractice", allegedly exposed by their own investigation of and legal action against those who carried out Operation Orea far reaching and much criticized law enforcement campaign against the viewers of child pornography.

Google complicity in Chinese censorship could endanger press freedom elsewhere

Three years after launch, Google had wrestled about a third of the search market away from its Chinese rival. Aug 02,  · In earlyGoogle decided it didn’t want to operate its internet search from inside China’s borders anymore, with all the censorship restrictions and digital vulnerabilities that entailed.

Watch video · Inbefore Google retreated from China, local search giant Baidu was trouncing it with 76 percent market share, according to the firm iResearch. Microsoft.

Google to Stop Search Censorship in China

Google is involved in a number of squabbles over censorship. The company recently criticized the Australian government for a plan to introduce mandatory filtering for Internet service providers.

The letter said any plan to launch services in the country “risks making Google complicit in human rights abuses related to China’s rigorous censorship regime.” China’s public would probably be open to trying services from Google, says Paul Triolo, who tracks Chinese technology markets and policy at Eurasia Group.

Google officials characterized the censorship concessions in China as an excruciating decision for a company that adopted "don't be evil" as a motto.

Google might return to China. Here's why that's so controversial

But management believes it's a worthwhile. Jan 25,  · Previously, Google censored its news site in China, removing material banned by the authorities, but it had not censored its U.S.-based search engine accessible in China .

Google censorship in china
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